WANLI 1573 – 1620 Ming Porcelain

A Pair of Ming Blue and White Porcelain Bowls, Wanli Period 1573-1620. The Decoration Consists of Boys at Play with Only a Small Group of Plants Growing Next to Rocks with the Moon Above to Indicate the Out-Door Setting of the Scene.


Condition: One bowl with two small cracks c.9 and 6mm, the other bowl in perfect condition.

Size: Diameter : 12.7 cm (5 inches).



Stock number: 21942.

The use cobalt blue with a silvery hue is associated with a late 16th century date. Pieces with this pale blue and a rather sparse design were popular in the early Wanli period.

References :
For a Ming blue and white porcelain stemcup with similar decoration see : Exhibition of Ming Blue and White, Jiajing-Chongzhen Including Dated Examples (S.Marchant & Son, London W8, November 2004) page 48, plate 31.
For a Ming porcelain bowl from the collection of John Drew with very similar decoration see stock number 19500 in our `Sold Items`.

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