Guarantee of Authenticity :

We pride ourselves on ensuring every piece that we sell is genuine and as described. Each label carries details of the period the object was made, and of any damage, repair or restoration.

Robert McPherson Antiques

An invoice is issued with every piece, guaranteeing the authenticity and condition of the object, as well as any information on provenance.

We adhere to the rules of the British Antique Dealers Association (B.A.D.A.). See below for details.



Postage :

We always pack objects extremely carefully using tissue and bubble wrap, making sure the box is on the large size so as to give extra protection. 24232_poly3b

We only ever use methods of postage that are trackable, once your parcel is on it’s way we will send you the tracking number so you can trace it’s progress. For this we need your telephone number as well as your address. Please note, if you pay by credit card we can only send to the registered address of the card. Every object sent is fully insured, however we only charge for the actual postage cost.




Import Duty :

Any customs charges or import duty are the purchasers responsibility, if you are unsure please check before you make a purchase.




We often get requests to show a lower amount on our invoice so as to avoid customs charges. We will not do this under any circumstance as it is illegal, it also invalidates any potential insurance claim.





Website :

We have had our website running for quite a few years. At the start it was just a single
page, a sort of static advertisement. Since those early days it has been changed beyond all recognition and we want it to keep evolving.
The website is kept up to date, we try to mark items as sold as soon as the sale is confirmed. There is nothing worse than finding something you want to buy on a website only to find it was sold weeks ago.


Robert McPherson Antiques

Website Updates :
When we put new stock on the website we typically put a group of 10 pieces or more from one of the categories on the home page at the same time. When we add 10 pieces of blue and white, for example, we send out an email to all the people who have expressed an interest in blue and white porcelain to inform them that the website has been updated.

Subscribe to Email Alerts :
If you would like to receive an email to inform you about updates to any section of our website please click on the ‘SUBSCRIBE’ link on menu at the top of home page or the menu bar on the left of other pages. You will receive email notification of the update within an hour of it going on-line. For advanced notice of our website updates with pictures see ‘Events’.




Information :

We  intend to have more articles about the history of ceramics like the ones by Mindy M. McDonald on Song ceramics and Chinese Porcelain, 25 Years of Unscholary Collecting: An Entertainment and an Anthology of Scholars’ Taste by D.R Laurence MD. We also have a ‘Chronology of China’, an article about Shipwreck Ceramics, and other articles in our ‘History’ section. The ‘Links’ section has links to museums, dealers and other addresses and websites that might be of use. We also have an ‘Archive’ of sold items, this has a search facility.

If you would like to submit an article you have written for our consideration please let us know.

We are always trying to make our website more informative, yet simple to use, please let us know if you can see areas we need to improve or indeed any mistakes we might have made.

Our prices range from about £100 to several thousand pounds. We are please to be able
to have some Ming porcelain for about £200, indeed some of our oldest pieces are among the cheapest. A four thousand year old Chinese Neolithic jar might only be £200 or £300.

We try to keep our prices as low as we can for several reasons, firstly because we would like to think anybody could afford to buy something from us. By keeping our prices competitive we sell more and there for we always have new items of stock coming in and going out. Typically we sell about 1,000 pieces a year

Another reason is that we both really enjoy having interesting objects coming in. It means there is always something new to research and it also means we can change the display in the shop to accommodate our new stock. So, therefore it is worth while for our customers to make regular visits to our shop, some of whom come in every week to see what is new in. We like to keep busy.

Some pieces are marked as ‘Price on Request’. Many, but by no means all of these pieces are our more expensive objects. Do send us an email if you would like to know the price of any of these pieces.

From time to time we mark things as ‘Reserved’ on our website. This is done for some of the customers we know, who are very interested in something but are not yet sure about purchasing it. We try to mark the item as ‘Reserved until..’ so you can see when the piece might become available. If you are interested in a piece that is reserved do ask us to inform you and if the piece becomes available we will contact you. We will not be able to let you know the price until the piece is available.

The prices are clearly marked on all stock on show at our shop.



We post objects to the U.K., Europe, Asia, Australia and America.


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