A Small Chinese Export Reverse Glass Painting a of `Abelard`, Jiaqing c.1810 After D. Gardener. Probably After a Mezzotint by Thomas Watson Which was Taken from a Painting by D. Gardner, the Print was Published on May 28th 1776 in New Bond Street. The Frame Although in Keeping is Modern.


Condition: In very good condition but with a later frame.

Size: Height : 20 cm (8 inches)


References:A figure of a man in a Chinese reverse glass painting entitled `The Triumph of Virtue` has several similarities and the two were perhaps painted by the same artist, see : The China Trade. Export Paintings, Furniture, Silver and Other Objects (Carl L. Crossman, The Pyne Press Princeton, 1972. ISBN 87861-031-6) page 127, plate 103. A Mezzotint from which this imagine is probably based is in the British Museum, museum number 1870,0514.1618.

Stock number: 24165

Pierre Abélard (1079 – 1142) was a medieval French scholastic philosopher, theologian and pre-eminent logician as well as a composer. His affair with and love for Héloïse d`Argenteuil has become legendary. The Chambers Biographical Dictionary describes him as “the keenest thinker and boldest theologian of the 12th Century”.

We would like to thank Mr Robert Carde for identifying the sitter and for giving us the reference to a print at the British Museum.

Stock number: 24165.