ARITA c.1680 – 1710 Japanese Porcelain

A Fine Late 17th or Early 18th Century Japanese Porcelain Dish c.1680-1710. The Flower Shaped Lobed Dish is Painted in a Bright Clear Cobalt Blue with Small Branches of Flowering Prunus as Well as Individual Blossoms Being Swept Along by Strong Currents and Crashing Waves. Further Prunus Flower Heads Painted in Overglaze Enamels are Scattered Across the Central Surface of the Dish. The Rim Dressed with a Brown Iron Rich Kuchibeni (Meaning lipstick). The Base with an Apocryphal Chenghua Mark (Ming Dynasty 1465-1487).


Condition: In excellent condition with only minor wear to the enamel in places

Size: Diameter : 18 cm (7 1/4 inches)



Stock number: 24090

References :
For a blue and white bowl of a simailar design but without the enamel flower-heads dated to c.1680-1710 see : Complete Catalogue of Shibata Collection (Kyushu Ceramic Museum,2003) page 286, plate 2231.

Stock number: 24090.