CHANTILLY c.1735 – 1740 French Soft-Paste Porcelain

An 18th Century Chantilly Soft-Paste Porcelain Saucer in the Kakiemon Style c.1735-40 with Banded Hedges and Flower.

Condition: Perfect.

Size: Diameter : 12.5 cm (5 inches)



Stock number: 23429

Banded Hedges were a formal device within Japanese traditional gardens, they were often incorporated in Japanese Kakiemon, Imari and Blue and White designs, includes `The Three Friends of Winter` (Pine, Bamboo and Prunus). 18th Century European Porcelain versions of the Banded Hedge often appear to have been interpreted as wheat sheaves.

References :
For a pair of 18th Century Chantilly Porcelain leaf shaped dishes of this design see : Porcelaine Tendre de Chantilly au XVIIIe Siecle (Genevieve le Duc, Hazan. ISBN 2-85025-459-Z) page 112.
For another Chantilly Kakiemon saucer of this type see our `Sold Items` number 21585.

Stock number: 23429.