CHONGZHEN 1628 – 1644 Transitional Porcelain

A Transitional Porcelain Double Gourd Vase Decorated in Blue and White, Chongzhen Period 1628-1644.


Condition: A large 'U' shaped section of the top has been restuck with an area made ups, the restuck section combined with the filled area are equivalent to half the top. The filled area is about 20 x 9mm at its maximum, the lowest part of the restuck 'U' shaped section extended to a depth of 21mm.

Size: Height : 19.6 cm (7 3/4 inches).


References:For a blue and white vase of this type see : Chinese Porcelain, The Transitional Period 1620 - 1683, A Selection from the Michael Butler Collection (The Princessehof Museum, Leewarden, 1986. ISBN 90-71588-02-5). Chapter G. Blue and White and Polychrome Wares Made Between 1620 and 1645 Mainly for the Dutch Market, page 65, plate 73.

Stock number: 22387


Stock number: 22387.