FRENCH ? c.1770 – 1800 French Faïence

A Rare Northern European Faïence Model of a House, Probably Eastern French c.1770 or Possibly German and a Little Later. The Tall Square Three Story Building has a Distinctively Shaped Slate Roof with a Hollow Tapered Pinnacle Flanked by Two Brick Chimneys.


Condition: The windows and door, which were probably timber, are missing. There is a very long fine crack to the back of the building c.140 mm. There are chips to the extremities, some of which are rather large.

Size: Height : 31.4 cm (12 1/2 inches)



Stock number: 24126

There is One Window in the Attic Room, Four Windows and One Larger Window with a Window Sill on the First Floor, the Ground Floor Has Four Windows and a Doorway. The Property is Deceptively Spacious. The Window Spaces and Doorway Have a Recessed Unglazed Area to Take Window Frames and a Hinged Door, Presumably these were Made of Painted Wood.

This highly unusual model, possibly made as a night light, is thought to be from North Eastern France. One opinion was that it is German but several other people that have seen it say it is French about 1770.

Both the slated pinnacle and chimneys are hollow, further more there is no floor in the building. This makes the idea of it being a small dolls house less likely, it might have been made as an novelty night light with any smoke escaping through the chimneys. Looking at it inside you can see soot marks under the roof.


Stock number: 24126.