A 19th Century Japanese Porcelain Shell Shaped Porcelain Food Container, Hirado Kilns

A Japanese Porcelain Turbo Cornutus (Horned Turban Shell) Shaped Container and Operculum Shaped Cover, Hirado Kilns c.1840-1900. The Impasto Surface of the Shell is Covered with an Iron-Oxide Glaze, the Marine Encrustations Including Other Shellfish and Barnacles.



Condition: In perfect condition.

Size: Length : 15 cm (5 3/4 inches)



Stock number: 24253

This container based on a Turbo Cornutus would have been used to eat a meal containing this type of seafood. The horned turban shellfish is enjoyed as a delicacy in Japan, where it is known as Sazae`. After cooking, the corkscrew-like animal can then be drawn out of its shell using its hard operculum (meaning little lid, it is what protects the gastropod), to which it is firmly attached. The operculum is hard and not edible, so it is discarded along with the animal`s shell after eating.

Stock number: 24253.