KAKIEMON c.1670 – 1690. Japanese Porcelain, The Decoration 19th Century.

A 17th Century White Kakiemon Porcelain Plate with Moulded Borders, Decorated in Japan in the Late 19th Century.


Condition: Fine rim crack c.28mm.

Size: Diameter : 21 cm (8 1/4 inches)



Stock number: 20724

The decoration on the present examples is not in keeping with 17th century Japanese Kakiemon porcelain decoration, it is not painted in a true 17th century style, it is a later invention based on 17th century Kakiemon enamel painting. White Kakiemon porcelain was often `overdecorated` at the end of the 19th and even early 20th century in Japan, this made it more commercial. The Dutch and English enamelled white Japanese and Chinese porcelain in the 18th century for exactly the same reason. Later decoration on Japanese Kakiemon is not well understood, many pieces pass through auction and are entered in museum catalogues with no reference to the fact that the enamels were added later.

The `Nigoshide` Body was a New Whiter Porcelain Body Introduced Between about 1660 – 1680, Solely for use on Kakiemon Wares. Indeed the Kakiemon Palette Evolved at the Same Time. It has Recently been Proposed that the Nigoshide Body is not a New Body at all, Rather it is Just Made from a Clay that has been Levigated and Washed more.

Stock number: 20724.