KANGXI 1662 – 1722 Chinese Export Porcelain

A Kangxi Blue and White Export Ware Lotus Shape Dish c.1700. The The Center of the Dish Decorated with Chrysanthemum, Peony, Another Plant and Perhaps Bamboo, Growing from Rocks with a Grasshopper. The Arched Panels within the Petal Shaped Border with Plants Growing from Rocks as well as Panel with a Pair of Ducks Swimming Among Lotus and Another with a Pair of Birds in a Tree.


Condition: There are two small chips ; the point of one lotus petal has a small shall chip which goes into the first blue line c.4 mm x 2 mm, a deep but small chip to the back rim c.4 x 2 mm. Some iron-oxide spots to the glaze.

Size: Diameter : 22.5 cm (8 3/4 inches)

Provenance:Galerie des Arts et Metiers, Bruxelles, 6th May 1947. Monsieur and Madame Robert de Strycker : The Belgium couple Professor Robert de Stryker and his wife discovered Chinese art during a visit to London in the 1930`s. In 1938 they started to collect, porcelain, cloisonné, prints and lacquer, amassing a large and interesting collection with objects from the Neolithic period to the Qing dynasty. Fortunately the provenance of most of the pieces in the collection have been recorded with details the date of purchase, the name of the gallery or shop they were purchased from as well as the price paid. The De Strykers had a great passion for what they purchased but also an academic approach to their subject. Professor De Stryker exchanged a large number of letters with Harry Garner and Fritz Low-Beer as well as establishing a close relationship with the Curator of the Guimet Museum in Paris. Some pieces in their collection where shown in the exhibition `Oudekunst in Leuvensprivebezit`, this ran from July 18th to October 18th 1964.

References:For a Kangxi Blue and White dish of this form but with a different design see our `Sold Items` number 15480.

Stock number: 24141

Kangxi Porcelain dishes of this shape can be found in Famille Verte as well as Blue and White Porcelain.



Stock number: 24141.