KANGXI 1662 – 1722 English Decorated Chinese Export Porcelain

A Kangxi Blanc de Chine Porcelain Chocolate Pot and Cover c.1700-1720. Decorated in London c.1700-1720 in the Japanese Style.

Although not common blanc de chine chocolate pots and covers with English decoration of this period are well known and they occur with a variety of decoration. It appears that a specific group of them must have been ordered, possibly with the express purpose of enamelling them in England. Far more occur with English decoration than left in the white. As far as I am can recall there are no examples decorated in Holland.


Condition: There is a crack in the base of the coffee pot between the footrim c.30 mm, small shallow chips to the outside edge of the cover

Size: Height : 12.5 cm (5 inches)

Provenance:The Andrew Dando Collection of Dutch and English Decorated Chinese Porcelain.

References:For a closely related example but without a cover sold by R & G McPherson Antiques 13/07/04 to the late Mr Alan Green and then resold by us see our `Sold Items` number 19411. For a similar Blanc de Chine chocolate pot decorated in London in the Famille Verte style see : European Decoration on Oriental Porcelain, 1700 -1830 (Helen Espir, Jorge Welsh Books, 2005). Item 7 page 210. For a similar Blanc de Chine chocolate pot decorated in London from the collection of the late Mr Alan Green see our `Sold Items` number 19405, for another example from the collection of Mrs Helen Espir see `Sold Items` number 22713. For another example from the collection of Dr Bernard Watney with scenes from John Ogilby`s English Translation of Nieuhof`s `Embassy to China` in 1669 see 1940

Stock number: 23315


Stock number: 23315.