KANGXI to QIANLONG c.1680 – 1780 Chinese Bronze

A 17th or 18th Century Chinese Bronze of Lui Hai and the Three Legged Toad. Kangxi, Yongzheng or Qianlong Period c.1680-1780.


Condition: In perfect condition.

Size: Height : 12.5 cm (5 inches)



Stock number: 23591

Lui Hai and the Three Legged Toad :
Figures and images of Lui Hai with his rounded bald head apart from some hair at the sides are well known. He is depicted as a young man who like the Eight Immortals holds his attribute, a string of cash (money). He is thought to have lived in the Jin Dynasty or perhaps the Han dynasty. There are many stories attached to this Immortal, one story recounts how he meet two holy men who asked him to give them a coin and ten eggs. They proceeded to stand the eggs one on top of another with the coin as a support. When Liu Hai pointed out this was a risky thing to do, they retorted it was no riskier than the way he was earning his living, in the service of princes. This opened Liu Hai`s mind and he became a Taoist. Liu Hai is revered god of wealth and is depicted with a three-legged toad and string of coins. In Japanese legend as Gama Sennin is connect with a money toad, the story of Gama Sennin is based on Liu Hai.

Stock number: 23591.