LE NOVE c.1790. Italian Hard-Paste Porcelain.

A Late 18th Century Italian Hard-Paste porcelain Plate from Le Nove. Decorated with Garden Flowers. The Base with a Small Gilt Star for the Le Nove Porcelain Factory ..


Condition: Very good, very minor rubbing to the gilt rim.

Size: Diameter : 22.1 cm (8 2/3 inches).



Stock number: 21796

The Le Nove Porcelain Factory :
The Le Nove Porcelain Factory was started in 1762 by Pasquale Antonibon who had worked with his father making Faïence. Located in Republic of Venice at Bassano near Venice, it Made Soft-paste Porcelain from 1762 to 1835. 18 ° Secolo Le Nove Porcellana.

Stock number: 21796.