LUDWIGSBURG c.1770. German Hard-Paste Porcelain

An 18th Century Ludwigsburg Porcelain Tureen and Cover c.1770. The Circular Form with a Domed Cover and a Large Strawberry Shaped Finial. The Painting in the Rococo Style is of Classical Figures in Landscapes. The Base of the Tureen with Back to Back Interlaced C`s with a Crown in Underglaze Blue.

Condition: Perfect.

Size: Height : 14.3 cm (5 3/4 inches)



Stock number: 20663

The Ludwigsburg Porcelain factory was located in Wurttenberg, Germany. The factory started under the patronage of Duke Carl Eugen of Wurttenberg in a barracks in 1758. From 1758 to 1793 the Monogram of Duke Carl Eugen of Wurttenberg was used as a factory mark ; back to back interlaced C`s with a crown. From 1760 the porcelain factory was located in a small ducal castle Jagerhaus.

Stock number: 20663.