Ming Bronze Vase 1368 -1644

A Ming Bronze Vase 1368 – 1644, Probably 16th Century. The Oval Section Vase has a Bulbous Lower Area Supported by a Waisted Foot. The Lower Mid Section is Decorated with an Archaic Design Against a Diaper Ground. The Upper Section has a Register of Diaper Pattern with Two Slender Handles with `Monster` Masks Terminals, the Handles have Loops Suspended. Just Above the Lowest Section, Which is of Crashing Waves, is a Four Character Inscription Chiselled into the Bronze.


Condition: In good condition, the top is a bit lopsided , as is often the case, the base plate has been replaced. The surface appears to be partly re-patinated in places.

Size: Height : 25 cm (9 3/4 inches)



Stock number: 24010

The three character inscription appears to relate to the immediate area where the vase comes from, it is probably a reference to a temple the vase was dedicated too.

Stock number: 24010.