NEOLITHIC c.2600 – 1700 B.C. Neolithic Pottery

Neolithic Pottery Jar and Cover, Qijia Culture c.2050 – 1700 B.C or Majiayao Type c.2300 – 2600 B.C. The Bulbous Body has Two handles, the Cover has Been Cut-Out of the Vessel in an Irregular Way, so it Fits Exactly but Only in One Position.


Condition: One large crack and large chip to the top flange of the cover restored.

Size: Height : 25 cm (9 3/4 inches)


References:I found this piece difficult to accurately date as I had not come across anything quite like it before, therefore I gave it a speculative date of c.2000 B.C. My previous attribution read "An Unusual Chinese Neolithic Grey Pottery Vessel and Cover c.2000. B.C.". The reference below for a very similar jar with cut-out cover is however, quite specific, dating it to c.2050 to 1700 B.C. and attributing it to the Qijia Culture. However, there is also a line drawing of another jar which is from the Majiayao culture, this appears exactly the same shape as the illustrated jar, so therefore the clay and the finish are they determining features as to identifying the date and culture of the these jars. The book attributes theirs to the Qijia Culture due to the use of a fine clay of a pinkish orange colour, our example is of a grey pottery that could well be Qijia Culture. See : Chinese Neolithic Pottery (Simon Kwan, Muwen Tang Fine Art Publications Ltd, 2005. ISBN 988-97206-4-7) page 260 and 261, plate 112.

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