NORTHERN SONG 960 – 1127. Yaozhou Celadon

An Unusual Yaozhou Celadon Bird Form Whistle. The Moulded Form has a Large Hole Made Through the Center of the Bird Which is Mirrored on the Other Side, there is a Similar Sized Hole at the Front.


Condition: The glaze worn in many small areas.

Size: Length : 7 cm (2 3/4 inches)



Stock number: 20465

Yaozhou celadon ware comes in many forms, but small crisply moulded or carved bowls were a popular product, as were miniature press-moulded figures or animals, toys and everyday utensils. The Yaozhou kilns main production at Shaanxi was celadon, but they also produced black and brown wares as well.

This whistle was sold as 20465, it has been taken back in part exchange and is now stock number 22048.

Stock number: 20465.