THE WATER-CASTLE AT CANTON c.1743-1747 Copper-Plate Engraving

Copper Plate Engraving Entitled “The Water Castle at Canton” (`Folly Fort`) Published 1743-7 by Thomas Astley, London for The Modestly Titled “A New General Collection of Voyages and Travels; Consisting of the Most Esteemed Relations Which have been Hitherto Published in any Language, Comprehending Everything Remarkable in its Kind, in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America.” John Green (Compiler) and Thomas Astley. Engraved by Thomas Kirchin, The `Chinese Airs` from Jean-Baptiste Du Halde are Engraved by N.Parr.


Condition: Good, some discolouration, the lower edge curls with small tears, some creases and very minor damage to the edges. The discolouration is even but not in one area as appears in the photograph

Size: Height : 36.7 cm (14 1/2 inches) Width : 23.2 cm (8 3/4 inches)



Stock number: 78

The scene depicts the Dutch `Folly Fort` on the pearl river. This is depicted on Chinese blue and white porcelain of the second half of the 18th century.
The French Jesuit Jean-Baptiste Du Halde (1674-1743) made use of letters and papers written by Jesuit missionaries in China to compile a description of China in four volumes.

Stock number: 78.