YUAN or MING c.1300 – 1450 Cizhou Ware

A Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368) or Early Ming Cizhou Style Stoneware Stem Cup, Perhaps Huozhou Ware, c.1300-1450.



Condition: A large chip to the foot c.11 x 7 mm, a smaller chip to the footrim c.7 x 4 mm. Some discolouration to the interior.

Size: Height : 7 cm (2 3/4 inches)


References:For a Yuan stem cup of this type see : Chinese Ceramics From The Irie Collection (Irie, Masanobu Art collections, Ōsaka-shi Bijutsu Shinkō Kyōkai, Japan, 1997) page 10 plate 57. For another stem cup of this type dated to the Ming dynasty see our `Sold Items` number 16909. For a further stem cup of this type dated as Song or Yuan from the Plesch Collection see : Interiors, Christie`s South Kensington 11th and 12th of March 2014, lot 555.

Stock number: 24220

Huozhou Ware :
After the end of the Jin dynasty the importance of Northern China as a ceramic production center diminished rapidly. A rare exception is the fine grained white stoneware produced at Huozhou in Shanxi province during the Yuan dynasty. It appears similar to Jiexiu ware but the clay is possibly even whiter and the glaze has a warmer colour. However, it is the firing techniques that clearly distinguish the two wares apart. Huozhou wares are fired on very fine small spurs, and inevitably this leaves tiny marks behind, either in the glaze or on the unglazed footrim. Jiexiu wares are fired on circles of clay wiped clear of glaze so there are no spur marks.


Stock number: 24220.