A Pair of Fine and Rare Japanese Porcelain Bijin, Early 18th Century. Robert McPherson Antiques.


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The Oriental Ceramic Society PO Box 517 Cambridge CB1 0BF
Tel: 020 7636 7985

Join a friendly, scholarly but informal, society that supports knowledge and understanding of the arts of Asia.

Meet people with similar interests to your own – they include collectors, curators, scholars, specialised dealers and those with a general interest in the great cultures of the Orient.
The Oriental Ceramic Society (founded in 1921) is based in London but has a worldwide membership. It organises visits to both public and private collections of oriental material, holds seminars, identification meetings and trips to museums in Europe and Asia. Its monthly lectures from October to June are held at the Society of Antiquaries in Piccadilly, London.

For events follow the link to the O.C.S. website above or see our ‘Events’ section.




17th century Japanese porcelain dish. 25219

P.O. Box 1243

Victoria 3142

We are members of this interesting society. They have produced several catalogues of their exhibitions, including one on Japanese Porcelain and one about Blanc de Chine. The aims of the society are stated below.

# To encourage the study of ceramics and glass amongst our members
# To propagate knowledge and appreciation of ceramics and glass to the public, especially to young people
# To particularly encourage the study of Australian ceramics and glass
# To maintain and conduct the Circle and to provide a meeting place and other amenities for the use and recreation of members
# Such other aims as the members shall determine having in mind the advancement and best interests of the Circle and furthermore of good fellowship in association with Artists, Craftsmen and Manufacturers
# To do all such things as are necessary for the purposes or advancement of





Blanc de Chine Porcelain Crab. 25045


63 New Cavendish Street
London W1G 7LP
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Asia House

Asia House is one of the premier pan Asian organisations in Britain, promoting a greater understanding of the rich and varied Asian cultures and economies.

We run a lively programme of approximately 100 events annually, covering Asian economics, politics, visual and performing arts, literature, food, film and fashion.
Asia House has recently moved into a beautiful 18th century listed building in the heart of London. It has extensive facilities including a museum standard art gallery, fine rooms for lectures, performances and a wide range of business and cultural events and a café.

Members of Asia House benefit additionally from:
* Invitations to private collections;
* Guided tours of museums and galleries;
* Reduced price tickets to performances of Asian music, drama and dance;
* Opportunities to travel to Asia with guided tours at discounted rates;
* A chance to meet with people who share an interest in Asian culture.





Late Ming Blue and White Porcelain Bowl. Robert McPherson Antiques - 25229.

Late Ming Blue and White Porcelain Bowl. Robert McPherson Antiques – 25229.

SFECO Oriental Ceramic Society of France
Cernuschi Museum,
7 Avenue Velasquez,
75008 Paris

Members of the Society are encouraged to contribute to our cultural program by presenting original lectures and by proposing or animating related activities. The Society organizes colloquies, symposiums, guided tours of museums and exhibitions, discussion groups in ceramics museums and private collections, as well as specialized field trips and travels. Membership in the Society confers the right to participate in its activities and to receive its bi-annual French language newsletter report on oriental ceramics activities in France and abroad. The “Letter SFECO” and the journal, Taoci, are published by the Society. Members receive invitations to the opening preview of Cernuschi Museum exhibitions.





A Ming Blue and White Porcelain Dish, Jiajing Period 1522 - 1566. Robert McPherson Antiques -25153.

A Ming Blue and White Porcelain Dish, Jiajing Period 1522 – 1566. Robert McPherson Antiques -25153.


The Oriental Ceramic Society of Hong Kong Limited,
G.P.O. Box 6202,
Hong Kong
Email: ocs@orientalceramics.org.hk
Telephone: +852 2527 0696

The Oriental Ceramic Society of Hong Kong Limited (OCS) was established in 1974. It provides a forum for the lively exchange of ideas and information, sponsors publications, presents exhibitions, study sessions and travel programmes and hosts a regular series of scholarly lectures by an impressive array of distinguished speakers sharing knowledge with members whose interest is their main enthusiasm. In recent years the OCS has promoted joint lectures and tours with overseas affiliated and local societies who share an interest in the collection or appreciation of Oriental art and culture. A distinctive role of the OCS is to bring the resources of collectors to the public and to encourage collectors to open up their treasures and their fund of knowledge and experience, both to members and to the general public. The OCS was incorporated as a company limited by guarantee in 1992 and is recognised as a charitable institution by the Inland Revenue Department with the result that donations to the OCS are deductible for Hong Kong tax purposes.