ARITA c.1660 – 1680 Japanese Porcelain

A 17th Century Japanese Porcelain Model of a Seated Boy Holding a Chicken, Arita Kilns c.1660-1680. The Model of Rather thin Porcelain has an Unglazed Base with the Imprint of Fabric.


Condition: There is a crack to the back with an associated firing fault.

Size: Height : 10 cm (4 inches)



Stock number: 24011.

Japanese porcelain models like the present example appear to be close, in terms of enamels used, to Kakiemon porcelain of the period, however this piece comes from the Arita kilns. A number of very early coloured figures are known to have been imported in to Britain and Europe, related figures can be seen at Burghley House.

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