Buying Antique Ceramics From Robert McPherson Antiques

Guarantee of Authenticity

We pride ourselves on ensuring every piece that we sell is genuine and as described on the website. This same information is on our invoices when the piece is sold. Every invoice has details of the period the porcelain or pottery was made,  of any damage and of repair or restoration. We also include any provenance. Where possible on the website, we include references from our extensive library of books about Chinese, Japanese and European ceramics.

We have our own labels with the stock number of the object on them, so if you have any quires in the future we can access more information for you.

If you have any questions about our guarantee do get in contact with us.

Purchasing From Us

Robert McPherson
Robert McPherson










Most of our customers are people we have known for many years, indeed allot of them have become friends. The business was started in 1980 and the plan has always been to have a good and long lasting relationship with clients.

I have even been known to tell customers not to buy something, because it isn’t good enough for their collection.

If you would like any help or advise do please get in touch.


The prices are in pounds Stirling with all other currencies shown as a guideline only. We accept payment in Stirling and in Euros.


A 17th or 18th Century Japanese Kraak Style V.O.C Dish - Robert McPherson Antiques - 25997
A 17th or 18th Century Japanese Kraak Style V.O.C Dish – Robert McPherson Antiques – 25997


Obviously, ceramics are very fragile, so we always pack objects extremely carefully. We tissue and bubble wrap, making sure the box is on the large size so as to give extra protection, that box is then placed in another box for extra protection.

We only ever use methods of postage that are traceable, once your parcel is on its way we will send you the tracking number so you can trace it’s progress. For this we need your telephone number as well as your address.

Every object sent is fully insured, we only charge for the actual postage cost not the insurance (apart from exceptional circumstances).

The same obsessiveness you will find in packing and sending the objects, no one can ever say there wasn't enough packing around their purchase. Double wrapped, Double boxed, Double Sealed, Double labeled. Nothing is missed out.

- Maaike Eijgenraam

Import Duty

Any customs charges or import duty are the purchaser’s responsibility, if you are unsure please check with your local customs office before you make a purchase.

We often get requests to show a lower amount on our invoice so as to avoid customs charges. We will not do this under any circumstance as it is illegal, it also invalidates any potential insurance claim.

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We have had our website running for quite a few years. At the start it was just a single
page, a sort of static advertisement. Since those early days it has been changed beyond all recognition and we want it to keep evolving.

The website is kept up to date, we try to mark items as sold as soon as the sale is confirmed. There is nothing worse than finding something you want to buy on a website only to find it was sold weeks ago.