KAKIEMON c.1680 – 1700 Japanese Porcelain

A Fine Blue and White Kakiemon Serving Dish, Late 17th Century. The Stoutly Potted Octagonal Slightly Flaring Form Sits on a Broad High Foot. The Central Scene is of Buildings Set into the Rocks Beneath a Pine Tree, in the Distance on the Left Sides is of a Castellated Wall with a Building Behind it Near Bamboo.


Condition: Perfect.

Size: Diameter : 13.7 cm (5 1/3 inches)



Stock number: 22018.

The Inscribed Katamigawari Style Seal Mark Can be Translated as “Pine and Stone”. The Rim with a Brown Kuchibeni (literally means `lipstick`) Iron-Oxide Dressing. The Reverse Decorated with a Band of Prunus Flower-Heads and the Center with a Large Fuku Mark in Running Script.

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