A Rare Yongzheng Blue and White Teapot 1723 – 1735.

A rare early 18th century Chinese export porcelain teapot, Yongzheng 1723-135. The form possibly based on European silver prototype has a dragon terminal to the spout, and is moulded where the spout meets the body. The moulded handle has a stud either side where the top of the handle joins the body. decorated in cobalt blue of a silvery tone using the `Pencilled` technique.


Condition: In excellent condition, some fritting to the spout, minor fritting to the Fu dogs ear. The cobalt blue of the cover is rather brighter than the teapot. Some firing cracks to the base.

Size: Length : 20 cm (8 inches)


References: A Yongzheng teapot of this shape and design, the finial was had an old metal replacement. Sold item 21737.

Stock number: 24645.

Pencilled Technique :

Pencilled Technique or Pencilled Decoration refers to Chinese blue and white porcelain painted without tonal washes, in other words it is painted with line-work only.


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