ARITA c.1655 – 1670 Japanese Porcelain

An Unusual 17th Century Japanese Blue and White Porcelain Dish, Arita, Possibly Chokichidani Kilns in Nangawara. Decorated in a Very Good Cobalt Blue with Two Figures Sheltering Under a Parasol Beneath a Large Pine Tree. The Border with Repeated Roundels Containing a Single Character in Painted Using Sumihajiki.

Condition: Perfect.

Size: Diameter : 22 cm (8 3/4 inches)


References:For a simplified version of this design see our `Sold Items` 19186 and for a dish with a similar border and quality with a mark which might suggests it comes from the Chokichidani Kilns see 22144.

Stock number: 23708

Sumihajiki :
This type of ceramic decoration appears in Japan just after the middle of the 17th century, although its origins are much earlier. The effect created is that of painted white lines cutting through blue, this is achieved using a wax resist type paint called `sumi` which protects the white porcelain from the cobalt blue over-painting. The `sumi` is burnt off during the firing to leaving white lines to contrast against the blue.

Stock number: 23708.