ARITA c.1660 – 1680 Japanese Porcelain

A 17th Century Japanese Porcelain Model of a Seated Boy Holding a Chicken, Arita Kilns c.1660-1680. The Model of Rather thin Porcelain has an Unglazed Base with the Imprint of Fabric.


Condition: There is a crack to the back with an associated firing fault.

Size: Height : 10 cm (4 inches)



Stock number: 24011

Japanese porcelain models like the present example appear to be close, in terms of enamels used, to Kakiemon porcelain of the period, however this piece comes from the Arita kilns. A number of very early coloured figures are known to have been imported in to Britain and Europe, related figures can be seen at Burghley House.

Stock number: 24011.