ARITA c.1680 – 1720 Japanese Porcelain

A Japanese Blue and White Porcelain Écuelle and Cover, Arita Kilns c.1680-1720. The European Silver Shape Form with Flat Pierced Handles and Decorated with Figures in a Landscape.


Condition: Good, one small crack to the pierced handle c.3mm. A shallow chip to the side of the upright fruit that is part of the finial c.4 x 4mm, a tiny chip to smaller fruit c.2 x 2mm. A tiny piece of black grit stuck into the rim of the cover during firing (see photographs).

Size: Length (handles included) : 19 cm (7 1/2 inches)


References:For a related Kangxi blue and white porcelain Écuelle and cover see our `Sold Items` number 21881.

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Écuelle :
In Eighteenth-Century France, a small individual covered standing bowl, essentially an individual tureen with a stand, was called an Écuelle, the stand a Plateaux. It could be lifted by its twin handles and drunk from directly. They were made for eating broths (Bouillons) or soups (Potages). They were not used at the dinner table but in the bedroom or boudoir.



Stock number: 22409.