CHONGZHEN or SHUNZHI c.1640 – 1650

A Late Ming or Early Qing Blue and White Porcelain Vase, Chongzhen 1628-1644 (Ming Dynasty) or Shunzhi 1644-1661 (Qing Dynasty) c.1640-1650. The Slender Pear Shaped Form Painted in the `Pencilled` Style with Bamboo and a Flowering Plant Growing from Rocks. The Reverse with Insects in Flight. The Mounts are Dutch Silver and date to c.1850-1870.


Condition: The porcelain cut down and a silver collar added. The footrim possibly damaged under the silver mount. The silver mount on the base has two rather large dents, two small dents to the silver rim. The vase has a small glaze flake.



References:For a very similar Transitional Blue and White Porcelain vases from the Hatcher Cargo see our `Sold Items` number 19819, 20109, 20111, and 22016.

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The present vase can be dated to c.1640 – 1650 as it is extremely similar to a number of slender blue and white porcelain vases recovered from the Hatcher Cargo of c.1643 (see `History` for more details). Apart from the pieces recovered from the Hatcher Wreck very few vases of this type are known.