Transitional Porcelain Plate from the Hatcher Cargo of c.1643.

Hatcher Cargo, Transitional Porcelain c.1643. A Hatcher Cargo Kraak Porcelain Blue and White Dish.
Label to Base : The Hatcher Collection Christie`s Amsterdam 14-03-1984.


Condition: Very minor fritting, the glaze in good condition.

Size: Diameter : 21 cm (8 1/4 inches)



Stock number: 19276

The Hatcher Cargo was the first shipwreck cargo to come on to the market. It was sold in three auctions in Christie`s Amsterdam in 1984 and 1985. It is a very important cargo of shipwreck ceramics, despite the lack of historical evidence recorded by the salvage team. A porcelain cover dated to the Spring of 1643 helps confirm the date of the wreck. The Ming dynasty ended in 1644 and the period of chaos between between the end of the Ming and the beginning of the Qing dynasty is referred to as the Transitional period. The Hatcher Cargo is a vital dating tool for late Ming and early Qing porcelain.

Kraak Porcelain is a Type of Chinese Export Porcelain Produced from the Wanli period (1573-1620) until the end of the Ming Dynasty in the 1640`s. Kraak ware or Kraak porcelain was the first Chinese Export Ware to arrive in Europe in large quantities. Its name does not, as had been previously thought derived from the name of Portuguese trading ships, it is possible its name derived from Irish ships called Curachs. These trading ships worked between Ireland and England, they were know to the Dutch traders who used a similar word, craquen, to describe Portuguese trading ships. However in the 16th and early 17th centuries the word Kraak was not used in the V.O.C. record or inventories to describe porcelain. It appears the earliest recorded use of the word Kraak relating to porcelain is in the 1670`s.

For similar Hatcher Cargo Kraak porcelain dishes see : Fine And Important Late Ming And Transitional Porcelain, recently recovered from an Asian vessel in the South China Sea. Property of Captain Michael Hatcher. Christie`s Amsterdam 14th March 1984. Hatcher label The Hatcher Collection 14-03-1984

Stock number: 19276.