TANG DYNASTY 618 – 907 Whistle


A Tang Pottery Whistle with a ‘Sancai’ Glaze. Made from a Two Piece Moulded the Whistle Represents a Demon. Probably From Henan.


Condition: In excellent condition. The appature at the top is uneven but not damaged.

Size: Height : 4.25 cm (1 3/4 inches)

Provenance:A Private English Collection. R and G McPherson Antiques, item 19397. The Collection of Dr. Alain Faure.

References:For a similar Tang Sancai Pottery whistle see : A Survey of Chinese Ceramics, Vol 1. Early Wares : Prehistoric to Tenth Century (Liu liang-yu, Aries Gemini Publishing Ltd, 1991.ISBN 957-9259-01-1) Page 206.

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