KAKIEMON c.1670 – 1700 Japanese Porcelain

A 17th Century Kakiemon Nigoshide Porcelain Bowl c.1670-1700. The Square Lobed Form with Steep Sides is Lightly and Indistinctly Moulded with What Might be Flowers. The Rim is Dressed with a Brown Iron Rich Kuchibeni (Meaning lipstick).


Condition: In perfect condition. Minor glaze impurities.

Size: Diameter : 14 cm (5 1/2 inches)



Stock number: 24085

Nigoshide Body :
The Nigoshide (milky white) body was a new whiter porcelain body introduced between about 1660 – 1680, solely for use on Kakiemon Wares. Indeed the Kakiemon Palette evolved at the same time. It has recently been proposed that the Nigoshide Body is not a new body at all, rather it is just made from a clay that has been levigated and washed more thoroughly.

References :
For three very similar white Kakiemon bowls dated to c.1670-1700 see : Complete Catalogue of Shibata Collection (Kyushu Ceramic Museum,2003) page 239, plates 1853, 1854 and 1856.

Stock number: 24085.