KANGXI or YONGZHENG c.1700 – 1735 Yixing Ware

A Chinese Yixing Teapot and Cover. The Circular Form Decorated with Applied Sprigs of Fan Shaped Panels and Precious Objects. The Silver Replacement Spout and Fruitwood Handle are English, Georgian Period c.1750-1800. Seal-Mark to Base, Possibly a Potters Mark.

Condition: The spout and handle are 18th century replacements. A chip under the rim of the cover c.21 x 4 mm this shows on the top c.8 x1 or 2 mm. Some very shallow chipping to the edge of the teapot to the edge where the cover fits c.9 x 2 mm and 2 x 1 mm

Size: Length : 17 cm (6 3/4 inches)


References:For an Yixing teapot with a very similar silver mounted fruitwood handle see ; Yixing, Teapots For Europe (Patrice Valfre, Editions Exotic Line 2000. ISBN 2-9514133-0-0) page 225, plate 248.

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