MING DYNASTY 1368 – 1644. Ming Bronze

A Ming Dynasty Bronze Vase, Probably 15th Century. The Pear Shaped Bronze Vase has Aggressive Looking Dragon Heads with Curved Handles Issuing From their Mouths, Between the Handles is a Cast Diaper Pattern Which is Repeated on the Waisted Stem.


Condition: Some shallow dents that appear much more obvious in the photographs. The sheet-metal base is replaced as is so often the case.

Size: Height : 30 cm (11 3/4 inches)

Provenance:From an American Estate.


Stock number: 20992

For a similar Ming Bronze vase see : China`s Renaissance in Bronze, The Robert H.Clague Collection of later Chinese Bronzes 1100-1900 (Robert D.Mowry, Phoenix Art Museum,1993. ISBN 0-910407-29-0) page 45 plate 7.

Stock number: 20992.