SEVRES c.1895 – 1910

A Sevres Biscuit Porcelain Plaque c.1895-1910. Inscribed “In Labore Qvies” Which a Can be Translated as “In an Effort to Rest”. The Pure White Porcelain Bas Relief Plaque Depicts an Elegant Young Lady in Classically Inspired Cloths Resting Against a Tree. Surrounded by Wild Flowers she is Lost in Quite Contemplation, a Book in Her Lap with the Tools of Study Discarded, if Only Temporarily. An Impressed “Sevres” Marked to the Right of the Latin Inscription.


Condition: In Perfect Condition.

Size: Width : 21 cm (8 1/4 inches)



Stock number: 24284

The plain recessed edge indicates this Sevres plaque was made to be mounted.

Stock number: 24284.