SOUTHERN SONG or YUAN DYNASTY 12th to 14th Century Chinese Bronze

A Southern Song or Yuan Dynasty Hexagonal `Hu` Shaped Bronze Vase, 12th to 14th Century. The Two Dragon Terminus Handles Support Loops. The Body is Intricately Cast with Various Diaper patterns and Other designs. This `Hu` Shaped Vase was Probably Intended as a Flower Vase.


Condition: Very good, the base-plate replaced.

Size: Height : 18 cm (7 inches)


References:For a related Song or Yuan Dynasty vase see : China`s Renaissance in Bronze, The Robert H.Clague Collection of later Chinese Bronzes 1100-1900 (Robert D.Mowry, Phoenix Art Museum,1993. ISBN 0-910407-29-0) page 31, plate 4.

Stock number: 21914


Stock number: 21914.