18th CENTURY. Flambé glazed water-pot

An 18th century Flambé  glazed water-pot. The thick copper red glaze pools near the lower edge. This small copper-red porcelain water-pot has been fired using three pads.



Size: Height : 5 cm (2 inches)

Provenance:S.R.W. Shaw (d.1981), purchased c.1950-1960.


Stock number: 24591


Flambé Glazes :

Flambé glaze, as also called sang de boeuf (ox-blood),  is a glossy, rich, blood-red glaze often slashed with streaks of purple or turquoise used to decorate Chinese porcelain The effect is produced by a method of firing that incorporates copper. The technique was used in Europe and England, especially in the late 19th century.

Stock number: 24591.