17th Century Japanese Porcelain Dish of Ko-Kutani Type


A Ko-Kutani Type Shallow Dish,  Arita Kilns c.1660-1680. This brightly coloured Ko-Kutani dish depicts  a bird, perhaps a warbler on a decaying tree stump. This dish was made at the Arita kilns, previously it was thought that this type of Japanese of early ‘Kutani’ porcelain, referred to as Ko-Kutani (old Kutani), was made at Kilns in Enuma County, Ishikawa Prefecture. The back clearly shows ‘chatter-marks’, during the turning of this dish the implement used to finish of the surface of the porcelain was set at the wrong speed by the potter. This has resulted in the tool juddering over the surface leaving rather pleasing ridges and furrows. Chatter-marks are normally associated with Chinese Kraak porcelain. The base has a seal mark.



Damaged ; There is a rim crack and a faint star crack to the base, this seems to be connected with a spur-mark and a firing fault. One faint lines of this crack can be seen from the front. There are some crazing lines to the glaze.
Diameter 15.1 cm (6 inches).
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