19th CENTURY Guan / Ge Type Ware

A 19th Century Chinese Stoneware Water Pot in the Style of Song and Yuan Guan and Ge Wares. The Pale Greyish Glaze Exhibits Typical `Iron Wire and Golden Thread` Crazed Marking. With a Small Metal Spoon ( Probably 19th Century).


In perfect condition.
Diameter : 4.5 cm (1 3/4 inches)
Wendy Beckett (born 25 February 1930), better known as Sister Wendy. She became well known in the 1990s when she presented a series of documentaries for the BBC on the history of art. In 1970, health problems forced Beckett to abandon teaching and to return to England. She obtained papal permission to leave her congregation and to become a consecrated virgin and hermit. Her former congregation then arranged for her to live under the protection of the Carmelite nuns at their monastery at Quidenham, Norfolk. There she leads a contemplative lifestyle, originally living in a caravan in the grounds, which was later replaced by a mobile home.[3] Besides receiving the Carmelite prioress and a nun who brings her provisions, she dedicates her life solely to solitude and prayer, but allotting two hours of work per day to earn her living. Information and photograph from Wikipedia. I got to know Sister Wendy in the 1990`s and on one of her trips to see me she bought this piece. She built up a small collection of oriental ceramics.
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