SEVRES 1772. French Soft-Paste Porcelain.

An 18th Century Sevres Soft-Paste Porcelain Milk Jug Pot a Lait a Trois Pieds. The Bulbous Body is set on Three Rustic Branch Like Feet. The Undulating Rim Supports a Crab-Stock Handel. Decorated in Blue Enamel with Scattered Flowers Sprays. The Base with the Royal French Cypher, Interlaced LLs with ‘T’ for 1772 and the painter’s mark ‘.F.’ .This is an unknown painter who worked at the Sevres porcelain Factory from 1771 – 1790.

Sevres sold these jugs as individual items but they matched other teaware. They were made in three sizes, the first and second from 1753 and the third from October 1756. For the painters mark see : Sevres Porcelain (Erikson and De Bellaigue, Faber and Faber, 1987) page 159 number 43.

Very good, two tiny leaves from the terminal of one foot and one leaf from another are missing. The existing leaves are flat against the body so it is probable that the missing leaves are due to a firing fault. Minor grit to the inside of the rim.
Height : 10 cm (4 inches).
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