NORTHERN SONG or JIN DYNASTY 12th or 13th Century. Chinese Stoneware

A Northern Song or Jin Dynasty Black Glazed Bowl with Russet Markings Against a Lustrous Rich Black Glaze and a White Slip Decorated Rim. Cizhou Type, Possibly from a Kiln in Hebei Province. 12th or 13th Century.


Very good, some scratches to the glaze.
Diameter : 18 cm (7 inches)
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For a Song or Jin stoneware bowl of this type see : Chinese Ceramics from the Meiyintang Collection, Volume Three (II) (Regina Krahl, Paradou Writing. Apparently undated and without an ISBN number) page 509, plate 1514. For another similar white rim bowl dated to the Jin Dynasty 12th century see : Hare`s Fur, Tortoiseshell, and Partridge Feathers, Chinese Brown And Black Glazed Ceramics, 400-1400 (Robert D. Mowry, Harvard University Art Museum Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1996). Page 147, plate 41. 宋代陶瓷



White Edged Song Bowls :
Black and dark brown glazed bowls with a white slip decorated edge were produced at a number of Song and Jin kilns. It is not known why they had a white edge, it might be that they were meant to imitate the silver rims that were sometimes added to stoneware and porcelain of the period. It could simply be that the white rim looks striking when compared to the rich brown or blacks used for the glaze.