NORTHERN DYNASTIES 386 – 584 Mingqi Pottery

A Small Early Chinese Pottery Figure, Northern Dynasties 386 – 584. This `Cold-Painted` Grey Pottery Figure Shows a Woman at Work, with a Tray Against her Body. She is Possibly Separating Grain from the Chaff.


In very good condition with some original 'cold-painted' decoration still surviving.
Height : 12 cm (4 3/4 inches).
Said to have been purchased in the 1920`s or 30`s from C.T.Loo. Two Loo & Co labels to base. Ching Tsai Loo was the pre-eminent dealer of Chinese art and artefacts for the first half of the twentieth century. Starting his business in Paris, Loo was almost single-handedly responsible for introducing early Chinese art—bronzes, jades, paintings—to Western Europe and North America An American Estate. 早期华人陶瓷
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The Northern Dynasties :
The Northern Dynasties include : Northern Wei Dynasty 386-535, Eastern Wei Dynasty 534-550, Western Wei Dynasty 535-556, Northern Qi Dynasty 550-577, Northern Zhou Dynasty 557-581.