QIANLONG 1736 – 1795 Chinese Export Porcelain

An 18th Century Chinese Armorial Porcelain Plate with a Rare 18th Century English Inscription by a `Chinaburner` on the Base (see references and also condition). This Chinese Export Porcelain Plate is Painted in Famille Rose Enamels with the Arms of Laurie and Dates to c.1775. The Arms are Those of Laurie of Plainstone and Portsburgh in Scotland. The Base of this Plate has an Inscription Fired onto the Surface, it Reads Laurie No 13 Old Burlington Street.



In poor condition, a large double 'V' shaped area of the rim broken out. This has been restuck, presumably by the 18th century `Chinaburner` who marked the plate with the owners address, however in the examples I have seen there has been a glass seam visible along the brake. I can see no such seam on this piece, possibly it is because the repair is of better quality. There are two rim chips c.8 x 4mm and 3 x 1mm. The gilt chain of this inner border is extensively worn, the outer border has some wear.
Diameter : 23.5 cm (9 1/4 inches).
The Antiques Boutique, Thomas Forshee, U.S.A. 8th August 1981. The Tom Lurie Collection of Chinese Export Porcelain, label to base. Collection number 100 (one of 13).
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Howard states, in `Chinese Armorial Porcelain` "It Seems Possible that the Service was Ordered by Henry Laurie, Captain of the Surat Castle, an East Indiaman". A copy of a letter from David Howard states "The reverse of this plate has an interesting and rare inscription added in England by a `Chinaburner`. I know of a small number of other pieces all of which have had some restoration at one time or another. At present I have here a Chinese plate with similar writing and the words `Revd. Dr.Cooper` and there is one referred to in Chinese Armorial Porcelain, pg.621, arms of Matthew. I think it is very rare to have the name and address but I am quite convinced that this very thin red glaze is of a Chinaburner who would have done it for recognition purposes and presumably the 13 Old Burlington Street would have been the address of Mr Laurie". This assumption is supported by the fact that the plate is damaged and the other 12 plates we have from this service lack the inscription although many of them are now damaged.