Qianlong c.1755 – 1770 Chinese Export Porcelain

 An Unusual Blue and White Chinese Export Porcelain Beaker and Saucer, Qianlong Period c.1755-1770. Decorated with Fruit After a European Engraving Said to be From `A Compleat History of Druggs` by Pierre Pomet Published in London 1712.



Diameter saucer : 13.5 cm (5 1/4 inches)
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For a pair of damaged dishes of this pattern see share : Fine Chinese & Export Ceramics & Works of Art Christie`s London, 15th November 2000, lot 311.



Fruit Design After Pierre Pomet 1712 :
The unusual design is taken from an engraving from `A Compleat History of Druggs` by Pierre Pomet published in London 1712. The original French version of the book by Pierre Pomet `Histoire Générale des Drogues` was published in Paris in 1694. The book was part medical journal but also partly a guide to exotic places and customs. Pierre Pomet (1658-1699) became chief pharmacist to Louis XIV. A blue and white porcelain coffee cup and saucer with this unusual design was recovered from the wreck of a ship built in London, the Griffin, which sank in 1761. See : Griffin, On The Route Of An Indiaman (Franck Goddio, Evelyne Jay Guyot de Saint Michel. English edition, Periplus 1999. ISBN 1-902699-00-9) pages 226 and 227 plate XXV, fig. B. The authors of this excellent book identify the fruit as a pineapple flanked by a small guavas (guava psidium guajava) or a medlar (Mespilus germanica), with on the right side, Indian mangoes (Mangifera indica).