YONGZHENG or QIANLONG c.1730 – 1750 Dutch Decorated Chinese Export Porcelain

A Yongzheng or Early Qianlong Chinese Export Porcelain Bowl. The Decoration is in Blue and White as Well Having as a Central Engraved Panel to the Outside, c.1730-1750. The Enamelled Decoration is Dutch and Dates to c.1740-1750. The Scenes Contained within Cartouches Separated by Peonies Depict, in a Typically Dutch Manner, Rustic Idles. A Seated Goat Herder Rests While her Goat Approaches, the Building in the Background Include a Windmill, the Reverse is of a Seated Man in a Similar Landscape Playing an Instrument While a Pair of Dear Approach. The Interior is Decorated with Peony and Insects.

In good condition, there is a shallow chip to the interior of the footrim c.8 x 3 mm.
Diameter : 14.7 cm (5 3/4 inches)
An old label to the base is printed "EYMERY & Cle -372 rue St-Honore PARIS 1er" and hand written "C des Inds 18c".
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This blue and white Chinese export porcelain Bowl has a central section with incised decoration. Many of these Bowls, which are of a standard size, have Dutch enamelled decoration. Maybe they were ordered especially but equally the Dutch might have thought they were too plain and thought they couldn`t sell them, so had them enamelled in bright colours.