KANGXI 1662 – 1722 Blanc de Chine Porcelain

An Early English Decorated Kangxi Blanc de Chine Faceted Octagonal Beaker Made in Dehua, Fujian Province by Zhongtun shi (Mr. Zhongtun). The Sides with Recessed Moulded Panels Containing Figures, Possibly the Eight Immortals. The Base with an Impressed Seal-Mark Reading Shi Zhong Tun Family. The London Decoration c.1715-1720.

Height : 7 cm (2 3/4 inches)
Christie`s King Street, Part lot 202. 12th June 1995. The Helen Espir Collection of European Decorated Chinese Export Porcelain : "a member of the Oriental Ceramic Society and collector, with her husband. Having made a typical collection of Song and provincial Ming blue and white, they decided to concentrate on what used to be called `clobbered` porcelain. She is the author of the standard work on the subject, European Decoration on Oriental Porcelain,2005, the first to examine the work of European decorators on Chinese porcelain throughout the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, focusing on enamellers in Holland, Germany and England. She has learned Chinese." From Provenance ; Collectors, Dealers & Scholars : Chinese Ceramics in Britain & America (Roy Davids, Dominic Jellinek, Privately Printed, 2011. ISBN 978-0-9570148-0-0). The Eight Immortals : The Eight Immortals are a group of legendary Xian, immortals or transcendents in Chinese mythology. Each Immortals power can be transferred to a power tool that can give life or destroy evil. Together, these eight tools are called `Covert Eight Immortals`. Most of them are said to have been born in the Tang Dynasty or Song Dynasty. They are revered by the Taoists, and are also a popular element in the secular Chinese culture. They are said to live on Penglai Mountain-Island. The Immortals are : Immortal Woman He (He Xiangu),Royal Uncle Cao (Cao Guojiu),Iron-Crutch Li (LiTieguai),Lan Caihe,Lü Dongbin, (leader)Philosopher Han Xiang (Han Xiang Zi),Elder Zhang Guo(Zhang Guo Lao),and Zhongli Quan.
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For a very similar Blanc de Chine Beaker with London Decoration of c.1700 to 1720 sold by R&G McPherson Antiques see our `Sold Items` 17976, for a Kangxi beaker of this design by Zhongtun shi (Mr. Zhongtun). For a similar English decorated blanc de chine beaker, also made by Zhongtun shi (Mr. Zhongtun) described as "painted in Holland" see : Ancient Chinese Trade Ceramics from The British Museum (Regina Krahl and Jessica Harrison-Hall, National Museum of History, Republic of China,1994. ISNB 957-00-3623-0) page 330, plate 149. For two similar London decorated blanc de chine porcelain beakers see : Chinese Export Ceramics (Rose Kerr, Luisa Mengoni, Ming Wilson, V&A Publishing 2011. ISBN 9781-85177-6320) page 99, plate 141. For the potters mark see : Blanc de Chine (P.J Donnelly, Faber and Faber, 1969) Page 358. For a very similar Blanc de Chine Porcelain beaker with the same potters mark also see Donnelly, Plate 31, top row second from the left.