QIANLONG 1736 – 1795 Chinese Export Porcelain

A Chinese Export Porcelain Blue and White Reticulated Salt and Liner. Qianlong Period c.1760-1785.



Very good, minor fritting to the lower rim of the liner.
Length : 8 cm (3 1/4 inches)
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For an oval dish with this design from the Groninger Museum see dated as Qianlong and described `sunflower pattern` see : Chinese Export Porcelain, Chine de Commande (D.F. Lunsingh Scheurleer, Faber and Faber, 1974), page 220 item 178.



Linglong / Reticulated Porcelain :
The present piece is an example of what can be referred to as `reticulated` porcelain, reticulated meaning having the form or appearance of a net, it was used as early the beginning of the 18th Century by the famous Père Francois Xavier d`Entrecolles (1664-1741) to describe this type of work on porcelain. Another popular term for this type of pierced or cut decoration is `Devils Work` or Guigong. However the Chinese term Linglong is gradually replacing the previous terms, helped by the publication of Jorge Welsh`s book `Linglong` (Jorge Welsh,London,2004.ISBN 972-99045-2-9). There does not seem to be any difference in the use of terms between the free standing pierced porcelain or that supported by an inner wall, nor a distinction made between the most refined work or the type with larger cut-out sections of porcelain.