A Dated and Inscribed Ming Pottery Model of Buddha, Wanli Period 1573-1620

A Dated and Inscribed Ming Pottery Model of Buddha, Wanli Period 1573-1620. This Ming Buddhist Devotional Object is Made of Three Parts and is Constructed of a Reddish Pottery Mostly Covered with a White Slip and Decorated in Highly Fluxed Coloured Glazes. A Model of the Buddha is Shown Seated Holding his Hands together with Tightly Curled Hair and Sitting on a Lotus Throne. This Figure Sits on a Separate Waisted Octagonal Base with a Central Design of Two Dragons Pursuing a Flaming Pear. The Top of the Base has a Rectangular Slot Which Supports the Third Section, a Lotus Petal Shaped Mandorla (a type of halo). This is Inscribed `Wanli, 12th Year (1584), 5th Month, Auspicious Day`. The Back of the Upright Mandorla is Inscribed in Black Ink. This Inscription Continues on the Slip on The Back of the Base

Very good, there are several small areas where the glaze and body have come away, probably due to a mistake in the firing. Each of these small areas appears to be filled with slip. There is a firing crack to the top of the stand, this has also been filled with slip. The front edge of the base is uneven and out of shape due to firing. Minor small glaze chips.
Height : 44.5 (17 3/4 inches).
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For a very similar dated Ming model but with Buddha `at ease`, with the same inscription see : Fine Chinese Ceramics, Jades and Works of Art, Christie`s London, 8th April 1981, lot 80.