A 17th Century Barbed Japanese Porcelain Dish

Kanbun 寛文 (1663–1673) or Enpô 延宝 era (1673 - 1681)

A 17th Century Japanese Porcelain Dish, Arita Kilns, Kanbun 寛文 (1663–1673) or Enpô 延宝 (1673 – 1681) Era. This thickly potted barbed rim dish depicts a pleasure boat, partly obscured by jagged overhanging rocks. A wine bottle cools in gentle waves, the only sign there might be people about, no one can be seen but there is a cover under the boats canopy. We are left only with speculation. The rich and varied tones of cobalt blue have been augmented but the addition of overglaze red iron oxide with additional highlights in gold and silver (now oxidized) .This unusual colour scheme is typical of this period within the 17th century, it seems to have been short lived. The rim is dressed with thick iron oxide enamel. The back is decorated in a grey blue, it is altogether different. Four long bold pairs of pine needles, two of which are bent, fill the back edge. The center has a large seal-mark between three spur-marks.


In excellent condition, a couple of minute flakes to the outer edge of the iron-brown rim. A bubble under the glaze has burst on one side (above the rocks on the right.
Diameter 20.7cm (8 1/4 inches)
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