A 17th Century Japanese Porcelain Dish with a View of Mount Fuji

c.1660 - 1680

A 17th Century Japanese Blue and White Porcelain Dish with a Painting of Mount Fuji, Arita Kilns c.1660-1680. This interesting interpretation of the quintessentially Japanese view, shows a scroll painting of Mount Fuji Fujisan Zu placed asymmetrically within the dish where it bumps against the concentric borderline. A number of dish of this design are known, there are differences though, the placing of the Fuji scroll varies. There is a very similar dish in the Kyushu Ceramic Museum, this one lacks the border and the placing of the scroll is different, it is to the lower left. See References ; Complete Catalogue of Shibata Collection. The base with a commendation mark among the stilt marks.


In excellent condition, the glaze has fine crazing all over the surface which is very clean.
Diameter 21 cm (8 1/8 inches)
From a Private English Collection of Japanese and Chinese Ceramics.
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For a very similar Japanese dish dated to c.1660-1680 see : Complete Catalogue of Shibata Collection (Contributors Saga Kenritsu Kyūshū Tōji Bunkakan. Published by the Kyushu Ceramic Museum, 1990) page 153, plate 1168.



Fujisan Zu - Morikawa Kyoriku Mid-17th Century
Fujisan Zu (Mount Fuji) - Morikawa Kyoriku Mid-17th Century










South Wind, Clear Sky woodblock print by Hokusai, 19th century
"South Wind, Clear Sky" woodblock print by Hokusai (1760 – 1849)