A 17th or 18th Century Japanese Kraak Style Porcelain Dish

Edo Period c.1690 - 1730

A Late 17th or Early 18th Century Japanese Porcelain Dish, Arita Kilns. This heavily potted Japanese porcelain dish is decorated in coloured enamels with an aquatic theme. The border is reminiscent of Chinese Kraak porcelain. However, the origin of the design might well be Japanese, as it is undoubtedly taken from Chinese export porcelain dish made for the Japanese market. These designs would have been sent to China from Japan. The central design is of an egret or heron among flowering lotus, the border is of fish and crustacea in cartouches framed with diaper designs. The back has rather obvious chatter-marks that elude to late Ming porcelain. The base has a simple square seal-mark within a continuous blue line.

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Some enamel loss, the glaze is crazed marks which are discoloured.
Diameter 21.2 cm (8 1/3 inches)
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For a very similar example see : Sibata Collection Part 4 - The Establishment and Transformation of the Ko-Imari Style (The Kyushu Ceramic Museum, Saga Prefecture, Japan. 1995.)